Day 18

Friday 29th

Well the winds got up about 3.30 am, by 6.30 am clouds were coming in over the range so worked in nicely that we were planing to move on today. Filled up with water, beautiful drinking water they provide here. We are heading to Elphinestone via the Nebo Rd, or Little Lizzy Rd, what wonderful country side, dry but still so much to see, along the way Jack saw Moonlight Dam Camping sign and radioed to us as to would we like to have morning tea here, of course we would, so off we go, OMG I wondered if we’d ever get there, but when we did it is lovely. very rough 4×4 drive, along a ridge and windy.

IMG_2753  Lake Elphinestone, We camped here for two nights.IMG_2731  Here is a drag line bucket at the entrance of the town Glendon.IMG_2714  Amazing landscape along the way today.IMG_2704  All these Brolgas in the paddock, what a noise they were making, they were a long way away.IMG_2694  Going along the ridge into Moonlight Dam Camping.IMG_2671  Old trough, was once filled by the windmill in background.IMG_2668  Heaps of room for camping.StarStaX_DPP_345-DPP_361_gap_filling  Did star trails at Lake Elphinestone.IMG_2661  Moonlight Dam Camping area, the Dam was only a puddle but large area when there is water.IMG_2653  Little Lizzy Road, heading to Nebo.IMG_2648  Going through a narrow part of Little Lizzy Road.IMG_2642  The animals weren’t as thin as I expected.IMG_2639  Love this shot, the way the road winds, Jack is the wee white dot at the end of the road.IMG_2635 IMG_2632 IMG_2628

Country side where we traveled today.