Day 12

Saturday 23rd.

Was not cold last night but coolish this morning. Going to be a fine day and has a good breeze, do the washing, Don put up a line, so good. Went and posted some mail to NZ. Went all around the settlement lovely we place. Came across a chap who gave us a photo of the building he saw me taking photos of, got chatting, what a beautiful garden he has,  only flowers in St Lawrence,  cut a bunch for me to take back to camp. Lots of crocodiles here down in the mangroves by boat ramp, but we haven’t seen any and don’t need to. It’s a relax day today.

IMG_2201  Old bridge supports.IMG_2195  Only and best flower garden in St Lawrance.IMG_2183 IMG_2175  Driving back from boat ramp and a the wattles are in flower.IMG_2168 IMG_2163 Main St of St Lawrence, this is the post office and far building the court house.