Day 24

Monday 24th February
Slept in a wee bit so nice. Had breaky and decided I best get my wrist x-rayed in case its broken, Went into Texas Hospital and Dr’s, finally got done and no its not broken so I will just keep it wrapped when I’m needing to do anything that hurts it. It was a very long day so bought a chicken and cold slaw for tea. Being slack and love it. 🙂 No photos today.
Tuesday 25th February
We are heading home today, 😦 got all packed up, I helped where I can. Called into the dump point, then had a shower in at Texas. Hit the road, Sandy has gone south to Bingara. We are heading back to Deception Bay. Long day, I couldn’t help with the driving due to my wrist. Got home about 5.15 pm Stuffed. Has been a great trip, can’t wait for the next one. No photos for these two days.