Day 23

Sunday 23rd February
Wrist was quiet sore during the night. Decided to get up, it was still pretty dark, I could see by the clouds that it could be a nice sunrise so had to use my tripod as can only use one hand. Got my cuppa made and saw an incredibly beautiful pre dawn. Went into Texas and looked for the dump point and the free showers, for a small rural town they really provide well and so clean.The van park also allow the public to use there washing machines. Got photos of the stock-man on their horse’s moving the stock around. They have come from Goondawindi and going to Ashford, sad they need to do this, but they have no feed.
IMG_8484-2  Was so nice to sit and have a cuppa watching this unfold. What a way to start a day. 🙂IMG_8579-2  Drover keeping the herd in control.IMG_8598-2 IMG_8613  Watering the horse and dog.
IMG_8725  Cattle around camp, they are all pretty docile.IMG_8560-2 At least there’s heaps of food and water here for them, but there is 8oo head here so wont take long to eat it all.