Day 19

Wednesday 19th February 

Got cleaned up and headed down into Murrurundi to the General store to buy some Gluten Free bread, but they don’t get any more in until  Friday, so got bread for Don, I will get some in Quirindi on our way to Lake Yarrie tomorrow. Went to take photo’s and seeing how green it has got it’s so good. We were up taking photos of the trains down in the crown land at Murrundi and onto the private property. We have decided that with the weather so over cast and more rain coming we need power as the solar wont be getting any help, no sun. At Lake Yarrie we will get a powered site, rang the chap and all is organized, its only $20 a night. Lots to see and do in the area if the weather ease’s.
IMG_7940  Rock formations, I have been taking photos from the other side of these rocks. Storm brewing.IMG_7943  Farm land so nice and green, two weeks ago it was brown.IMG_7949
 Another image of the rocks.IMG_7969  This is going up to the rocks from the other side. It is steep, but doesn’t show it in a photo.IMG_7983  Looking down from the top of the hill.IMG_8020  Passenger train coming from North to the South.IMG_8036  Farm Land.IMG_8056  Coal train.IMG_8066  Coal in wagons. Most of these trains have at least 99 wagons, I have been counting them.IMG_8082  Horses roaming free. Lovely to see. Nice dark sky, IMG_8086

This little fella wouldn’t get off the road, after I got this photo, I got him by the tail at took him off the road, when I let him down he was gone so fast.