Day 8

Sunday 29th

Had a early start for the day. It was very hot, you could just feel it, so we went and did our walks first. Got down to the river walk which is a 7 km walk along the river. Started walking and I wasn’t getting a real good feeling about the area, I did mention it to Don after we got around the bend of the river, so he said if that’s the feeling you are getting lets listen to karma and go. We then drove up to the other walking track and as it was Don had hurt his knee the night before so we then decided it was a pretty boring walk and in this heat decided to give it all a miss.

We called into see the Goomburra Valley camp ground, what lovely people and there camping grounds are so clean and well set out. They also have cabins for those that require them.

Went back to camp and spent the day relaxing, its 38 deg and only 12.30 pm, a storm is brewing. You can hear thunder in the back ground. I have just come back to finish off this post and now its raining and the lighting outside is amazing.
Don has collected 30 litres of clean water off the tarp.

We had savory mince and mashed potatoes that I had dehydrated before our trip. Been doing a lot of dehydrating lately ,experimenting, as it will save on freezer room and also help with not so many items in the fridge when we go camping for long periods of time.

IMG_4800  A country road through to the Main Range National Park.IMG_4820  Superb Fairy Wren.IMG_4873  Toy model helicopter, big boys toys.IMG_4916  Yellow Faced Honey eater, was extremely hot and the poor bird was shading it’s self from the heat.IMG_4920  Red Browed FinchIMG_4935 Fleay’s barred frog. You can hear him during the night with a “ok-ok-ok-ok call, this is in danger of becoming extinct.