Day 9

Monday 30th

At least the nights are quiet cool considering the hot days we’er having, so that’s a blessing, once 5 am arrives it’s time for me to get up, the days are to beautiful to waste it in bed, had my morning cuppa and sat listening to the birds etc, then decided I would go down to my spot where I know the kingfishers lands to fish and I’ll set up my bird hide, leave it there while having breakfast so as not to disturb it very much. I have the water as back ground so that’s not great but will have to try anyway.


The morning has been quiet, but while I was in the bird hide I could hear the kingfisher really going off, so pocked my head out and saw that the kingfisher was attacking the Goanna, so it must be getting to close to where the baby kingfishers are.


After lunch took a walk down to the Ford to see what bird life was there but it was getting to hot even for the critters, not even much bird sounds. On my way back I saw a movement in the bush so went thru the fence to check it out, turns out to be a baby Bower bird, so cute. Mother Bower bird was watching, so took a couple of shots and slowly walked away so not to disturb them, it had obviously fallen out of the nest as it was very young.

IMG_5082Baby Bower

IMG_5100Frogs at night

Did a trial with frog shooting tonight using the Betta Beamer, it’s a flash with a defuser on it.