Day 4

Wednesday 25th

Woke up and got a cuppa made, Kay and Mark were moving around so went and said good morning. They are pretty tired so will be a veggie out day for them.

We went down to the dump point to do the ablution bit, just a concrete pit in the ground with a lid, pour it in and put lid on again, so no tap, we filled the bottom of the cassette up with water and gave it a swirl around and emptied it. It’s clean dirty water. For a place to charge the prices they do and then to provide such in adequate dump point should be not allowed, very disgusting.

Lots happened here at camp with the bird life, we have the Bower birds coming into camp and looking for anything they can have, found its bower and all the blue bits it’s been collecting. A goanna being chased by two kingfishers, crows being attacked by kingfisher, Crimson parrots, finches, a yellow faced honey eater.

Went frog hunting tonight and yes we found quite a few, didn’t take the camera gear, checking it out first so will go shooting tomorrow night.

This morning Don found a frog in the pantry, just sitting in the opening, gave him a hell of a fright as his finger touched it, until he realized what it was.

Well time for bed, just waiting while the fire pit dies out a bit more then crash. We have put the end wall up, looks like it might rain tonight so just being prepared. Not so hot today, nice breeze most of the day. Good night.

IMG_4209  Crimson Rosella drinking from the water holeIMG_4231

Female Superb Fairy-WrenIMG_4241

Male Superb Fairy-Wren