Cromwell district then heading to Milford.

Sunday 12th August.

Checked the weather  again and still best to flip the itinerary and go west. Before we left we went up the farm with Liz to bring the sheep down to lower paddocks, the dogs do all the work, thank goodness, very steep country. Was a lot of fun. Said our cheerio’s for now and thanked them very much for everything, such nice people, country folk. It rained most of the way from Omarama, we are staying at the Holiday park, Kingston Motels,  excellent park, we had hot showers and did a wash, changed the cloths and ate, feel like a million dollars now. :) Called into Cromwell on our way thru. Woke at 7.45 am Monday today and we are all set to move. Rained all night, bitterly cold. Tui’s singing in the trees, such a lovely sound. We came thru Lumsden, popped up to my dads grave. Checked out the camping ground to see if Jason was there, the place is owned by a new chap who has changed things and I think it will grow.  We carried on to Lake Manapouri, weather still no good so not wasting money on the boat trip so went onto Te Anau.  Had a cuppa in camper and a bite to eat down by the lake. Heading off to Milford. Stopped at Mirror Lakes no mirror images to windy but still pretty, cloud still low so goodness knows what it’s going to be like at Milford. We stayed the night at a doc’s camp, $5 a head, Deer Flats, just lovely, we tucked into the bushes by the Deer stream to keep out of the wind. Sand flies are still bad. I cooked up a feed to last another two nights, weather trying to clear, one more night may just help for tomorrow, at Milford. We had this wee bird a bush wren hanging about it was so funny. Then 3 bunnies came out of the thickets just before dark, they were playing around and I could see one of the parents way down the road. The chemical long drops at the doc camps are really clean and no smell. Filled up the hotty tonight, its dammmmmmmmmmm cold.

Old Cromwell Town This is Old Cromwell town been preserved, they flooded the actual town and moved what they could to higher ground.

Fruit Town, Cromwell

Cromwell is well known for it’s magnificent fruit. Their dried apricots are my favorite.

Lake Dunstan

Such a tranquil spot, Lake Dunstan was made by the flooding of the Clyde and Clutha rivers for the Dam  at Cromwell.