Ahuriri Valley.

Saturday 11th August.

Well I woke early and got up, Liz was up so we had a cuppa. The  fire was going and the room was lovely and warm, took me back to the Atiamuri days sitting around a big fire with frost outside. Looking outside I knew we were not going to see the cliffs, so when Don got up we got organised and did the drive to Ahuriri Valley, it is only 28 km but took us nearly 6 hours, it’s so beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky, unbelievable. Had lunch at the wetlands conservation  reserve in the valley. Then we realised it was 2.30 pm already and we haven’t even got out yet. Went to the Merino Cafe for a cuppa and there was Crofty as his friends call him (Simon) and Liz with some friends, so we said after we had finished that we would meet them back at the farm. After tea Liz and Simon wanted to see some shots of the Valley. Got to bed at 9.30 pm feeling pretty tired now that I’ve eaten and warmed up. The weather was showing that it was clearing on the west coast and down Fiordland and getting wetter on the east coast so with Simon’s advise as to what he would do we are flipping the itinerary  and heading to Fiordland in the morning.

Ahuriri Valley

Up the Ahuriri ValleyThis is an amazing place, the valley is huge, photo’s just don’t show the vastness of it all. We felt so small in the realm of things, every hill we went over there was another breath taking view.

Ben Avon Station Reflections We were privileged to be able to go onto this station and get these amazing shots, spent ages here.