Day 20

26th April Saturday to 27th April Sunday

Off to Dalby, said cheerio to Kate and  Chris. They left before us.Packed up and left. Got to Dalby, had a few things to do, also fueled up, toilet dump and top up the water, our regular routine in big towns. We headed off down the Moonie Hwy and got to Lake Broadwater, checked the place out, lots of people but decided by Sunday they will mostly be going home as the holiday weekend is finished, and they did, 🙂 such a beautiful spot, lake full of water, it’s a very big lake as is their mossies, 😦 Very big area for camping, lots of trees, hot showers for a $1, flushing toilets, lots of water birds so its a nice relaxing time  winding down to home time. Boo Hoo. There was a snake in the trees down from us, I did not see it, but the man told me to be aware, I said, I’m always aware for snakes. We also had a opossum visit us both nights he was too friendly but so cute, still had to give it it’s marching orders.
DSCF2649  On the road again. Heading to Moonie HwyDSCF2651  Cotton fieldsDSCF2662  Lake Broadwater sign at the entrance, stay awhile, it’s great.DSCF2665  Shore line from boat rampDSCF2669  This area is out of bounds for boats, it’s a wildlife sanctuary. DSCF2681  The opossum visitingDSCF2684  This is the size of the bush camping across the lake at Wilga Bush Camp ground. Its very nice as well but only has toilets, shade and space, not for big rigs though.DSCF2691

Cotton all bailed up ready for pick up, they are huge as you can see with Don in comparison