Sunday 21st July

Went for a walk around the point,  its such a big bay and  I could see snow on Mt Wellington from our friends house. When we got back she had made scones with ginger chunks, jam and cream how nice that was.


Tuesday 16th July Tasman Peninsula

A lot has happened since last post, our Cradle Mountain stay was cancelled due to snow closing everything down. We have moved over to White beach, just such a lovely spot. This is on the Tasman Peninsula, did some exploring today around the bays.

 A lovely walk around this point at the end of the White Beach road.  Looking across Wedge Bay towards Roaring Beach, you can see a part of the salmon ponds.

 Wedge Island, apparently there is a wedge-tail eagle that makes this his home.
 Looking back towards the White Beach settlement within Wedge Bay.  Little Pied Cormorant  Love to go tiki-touring up all the roads, this was worth it.  Up the top of this road, houses are all perched up these hills, this is very high and what a view.Wedge Bay  Fishing Cribs, or huts along these bays, reminds me of NZ.  Out at Roaring Beach climbed the sand dunes and here’s a toilet. Amazing.  wondered what I was looking at when coming around the corner,a pile of odd shoes. Salmon farming.