Tuesday 30th July

Had to go into Hobart and we did a walk around, very pretty as cities go,

 Bridge into Hobart  Called The Tasman Bridge. Very big and awesome to look at..

Salamanca, this is where the markets are on, they are very well known.

These are the boats for Mona

This ship is the one that goes to the Antarctica.

Looking from the wharf up towards the city.

Another shot of the Tasman Bridge, Mt Wellington in the background. This does get snow.



Wednesday 15th March.

Caught the bus int Hobart from Seven Mile Beach, had a awesome day. It was overcast but great for photography. When you are walking everywhere in Hobart I didn’t realize how hilly it was, but get some great views of the bay and city. Most of the photos speak for themselves.

 Salamanca.  Other side of Salamanca, this is where they have the well known Salamanca Markets.  I thought this was well done. Bike stands.  Hobart Botanical Gardens.  Quiet a few buildings had different vines growing over them, very colourful.