Police Paddock

Woke to sun and wind, so things will dry nicely. Heading for Mulwala and Yerrawonga, they are towns on either side of the Murray which is the boarder. Beautiful towns, all to do with fishing. Did a bit of shopping then headed for Rutherglen. Another historical town, info center ladies were so great and helpful, had lots of laughs with them, they have water to fill RV’s, just make a donation of $2. Going out to Police Paddock camping. A great spot on a side branch of the Murray.

 Dead trees in the Dam area of the Mulwala Dam.  Very swift waters and flooded.

Murray River

Headed for the Murray river to camp, we were on the NSW side and no camping spots, spoke to a chap and he suggested a couple of areas if we could fit in, on inspection they were not suitable so headed to the Collendine State Forest, well it was an interesting track, be very mucky if wet, we could see the skidding from others trying to drive in the wet. The skies opened up overnight and we thought Oh no! but lucky we went out a different road that we’d checked before night as the skies were not looking good.