Friday & Saturday 17th & 18th February.

Friday we got everything sorted and not leaving until Saturday now. Saturday, Slept in until 9 am as we were up shooting stars until late, then cloud came so that ended that. Its partly cloudy but fine at this time. There is nothing past Gladstone so you have to be totally self reliant. Had a lovely drive up over the ranges Blue Tier ranges, some of the little settlements are as if time has stood still. The forests up here are magnificent. Out here on the coast the villages are mainly fishing. When we got here we got a fire going, cooked tea fast as the weather is not looking great. We have ended up at Stumpy 3 and have a lovely big, sheltered site. No coverage and we are allowed generators. Heaps of Bennett’s Wallabies. Went checked the beach out, big sweeping bays.

 Two bays meet here.    Big baby Bennett’s having a drink.   Tasmanian Green Parrot.  Meat eating ant.