Day 21

Monday 1st September

We are packing up and heading to Lake Dalrymple via dirt roads so we are filling up as there are no stations out there for 234km, be slow driving and its very hilly and windy so will use more fuel. Well what a road, just took our time and saw lots of interesting things. Very dry, ran over a snake, saw Bustards, we are traveling thru stations but on a public road, its called the Rutherford Road. Dalrymple dam is huge, largest n Qld. They have lovely amenities and clean, $10 per couple per night and $2 for a load of washing. Feral Goats roaming, Peacocks roaming thru the camp, Burdikin Rock Wallabies, they are so tiny. The camping is no where near the water so we are only staying one night.

StarStaX_DPP_437-DPP_442_gap_filling IMG_3100  These bushes are called the bellyache plant, a noxious weed.IMG_3088  Waters from the DamIMG_3066  They had just shut off the overflow.IMG_3067  Feels very wierd traveling along the bottom of the Dam wall.IMG_3061  Run Jack.IMG_3018  Looking across the Dam wall.IMG_2977  The snake we ran over, it was still alive and moving ok, not that I was going to help it.IMG_2951  A very dry river bed.IMG_2931  This was typical of the road we traveled on today, rough in many places.IMG_2917 Stopped here to let some air out of tyres.IMG_2904  Mt Coolon area, this was well known for its gold back in 1946, lots of interesting reading.IMG_2896 Morning tea at the top of a range.IMG_2892 Dry and dusty.