Sunday 19th February Stumpy 3.

Light rain off and on during the night. Good day for computer work. While having my breakfast a wallaby came around and sat watching me, you can tell they are use to humans. There was a break in the weather so grabbed my camera and off I went.

 Panorama from the exit onto the beach from the bush.   Beautiful big camp spots. Bennett’s Wallaby.

 Rains are coming.  I found the Lagoon.


Day 60

Wednesday 30th April

Went for a drive today and did the Tarkine circuit, called into Trowutta, Rebecca’s Lagoon and Couts Beach.

IMG_5192 IMG_5202  Ancient forestIMG_5207 IMG_5214 IMG_5219  Sink holeIMG_5227  Looking down into the sink hole on one side only.IMG_5228  Sink hole on the other side of the arch.IMG_5229  Wall of the arch.IMG_5244 IMG_5240  Looking up through the hole of the arch from the side with the water in the sink hole, all very airy down here.IMG_5246 IMG_5266  Lots of these signs around this area.IMG_5268  Arthur RiverIMG_5275  These signs are alway after the sign about the endangered Tasmanian Devil, we think because of the noise when you drive over them it may scare them off and there fore save a life.IMG_5288  Rebecca’s Lagoon, endered up camping here but in the paddocks to the right of this photo.IMG_5289  Couts BeachIMG_5298  Rocks at CoutsIMG_5306 Camping with the cows again at Rebecca;s Lagoon. Beach is over the dunes on the right.

Day 70

Monday 20th

Happy birthday to my G/Daughter.

We got packed up before the heat came as we are heading towards Judds Lagoon, got to Morven and did a drive around, they had 6 powered sites, not a lot of shade for this heat, but a real lovely spot to stay if one needed. Got to Roma grabbed a few bits to last us while at Judds. Made good time and have decided to set up until Thursday, only 3 other campers, there is still water in the lagoons, heaps of birds, we’ll have fun. Just a few photos along the Warrego H’way to Judds.

DSCF3771DSCF3765  Coming into Roma.DSCF3750 DSCF3747  Quick shot out the car window.DSCF3729