Day 82

Friday 22nd May

Had a wonderful day travelling from our bush camp at Cosy Corner up to Gardens which is now the end of the road, you cant go through to Ansons Bay from here now.. Here are a few shots to tell the story. Found some nice camp spots as well.The waters here are either Blue as or Turquoise as and the rocks have a lichen growing on them that range from reds to oranges and yellows, its know wonder its called the Bay of Fires.

IMG_8104 IMG_8119 IMG_8125 IMG_8139 IMG_8145  The dark colour in the top right hand is Kelp growing in big bunches everywhere.IMG_8159  Hows this for peace and quiet in the middle of know where.IMG_8160  And look at their bay.IMG_8162 IMG_8173 IMG_8174 IMG_8178 IMG_8216  Have their own private bay, when visitors are not around.IMG_8232  The water is so clear and pristine.IMG_8240 IMG_8241  Honeymoon bay alright, how lovely is this, we sat for ages and only could here the water.IMG_8244 IMG_8321  Sunset, straight off the camera.IMG_8376 Milky way with the tree in our camp site, straight off the camera.