Saturday 11th Geeveston

Low of 10 deg and high of 16 deg. Made a yoghurt in my Thermal Pot, yum. Went for a big walk along the Platypus way, didn’t see the Platypus though. Came back and had morning tea, then headed up to the Hartz Mountain National Park. Rain started and just got heavier, so when we got to Arve car park for the waterfall, decided to put our coats on and go for it, Well it only got worse on the way back horizontal rain and blowing a gale, but was very invigorating. Carried onto the Centre and stayed there with others waiting for a break in the weather. Still was a awesome day.

 Scarlet Robin  Eastern Spotted Quoll, Tasmania  Yellow White Eye  Scarlet Robins  Historical Railway Station, most southerly railway.  Geeveston has amazing statues that have been chainsawed from timber all over town. Each one tells a story which they have written for the peoples information. This town supports its Artist.   Some people have no where to go, 🙂

Two Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo’s