Day 99

 Monday 8th June.
We were going to have a  nice quiet day as the winds are real bad, but next thing we find ourselves doing a bush walk down from the campsite to the bay, lovely bay, kids were playing in the water Brrrrrr, yes they were locals. Continued our walk to the Garden walk and up the top, pretty ordinary but the winds got so fierce we turned and walked back to camp, when the tops of the trees are swinging a bit to much best be outta there. Our neighbours were leaving so gave us bits of the grociers that they cant take on the plane, so nice, and we were all chatting and the Green Rosella’s were landing on us for food of course, got a nice one of Tracy with a bird on her shoulder.
IMG_1274  Green Rosella IMG_2726  Blue WrenIMG_2733 Red Robin, I think.IMG_2744  New Holland Honey Eater,IMG_2760  Not sure about this ones name.IMG_2766  New accommodation at the Big 4 being built.IMG_2796  Female Wren.IMG_2838 Black Bird.