Day 27 – 28

Friday 27th March

Real lousy day, weather was low cloud and I felt wee needed some R&R, so stayed home

Saturday 28 March

Well woke to such a clear skies thought we cant miss going to Ben Lomond, East Coast could wait, so packed lunch and off, here are some images of the day, soooo awesome. We will go back after some snow.

Bottom of Jacobs Ladder  Bottom of Jacobs LadderJacobs Ladder  Looking down on Jacobs LadderIMG_1257  Another view.IMG_1272  Some of the cottages, and hotel/eating restaurant. IMG_1286  Like a community and lodgings IMG_1287  This is the alpine heath flowerIMG_1305  We climbed up to the ridge and these Paddymelons everywhereIMG_1317  Couldnt make it to the summit, to tired.IMG_1321  One of the views from the ridgeIMG_1328  Swampy everywhere, the colours of the foliage was so pretty.IMG_1355 IMG_1378  The rock formations are incredible, coming down Jacobs Ladder.IMG_1389 IMG_1397 IMG_1434  Gopro cameraIMG_1450 Fields of grapes.

StarStaX_IMG_1476-IMG_1577_gap_fillingNile Later that evening we got an alert that a aurora may occur so off we went, nothing but a lovely evening anyway, comets and debris shooting through the skies.