Day 6

6th Friday
Up early and saw Lyell off to work, 4.30 am.
Cool night but lovely.
Heading off this morning. got breakfast out the way and left at 10.30 am. Went to chemist, got Dons tabs, then onto Denman up the Golden h’way. Called into get fuel and all it did was blow air, so off we went and checked the town out, lovely place, lovely Gluten Free shop, lady made me a GF wrap vegetarian, sat and ate them. I gave the shop some of our “Simply Grain Free cards”.
We are taking the Bylong valley Way, turn off at Sandy Hollow, lovely run thru the valley with big rock formations, quiet steep in places. Couldnt stop to take photos as there’s no room, roads to narrow and windy. got to Ilford and free camped at the Ilford Hall, looking over a farm and down thru a valley, so peaceful, only one other camper popped in later on in the afternoon. Very cool wind, and cool night, my new -10 deg sleeping bay worked well. no coverage here, Started to do a Timelapse but the moon was to bright.


IMG_9690  First sign ot the moon.IMG_9681  Looking down the valley.IMG_9747  Ready to head off.IMG_9746 IMG_9743 Ilford Hall.