Day 18

Tuesday 6th. Last day here. 

Had breakfast and did my walk,  Tai Chi and stretching. Swim was a bit chilly until you are under.  Had several swims again today was warm. Got all that we could packed and the rains came so thankfully we did. We saw the goanna that Harvey told us about,  it had a turtle in its mouth and took it up the tree right outside our camp. Got lots of photos. Some new people have dropped in for the night, they use to visit here 20 years ago. Don tried a bit of fishing, no luck, a man and his kid were fishing at our water hole and got a eel. Tea all finished early due to weather. Went and said cheerio to the brothers,  David, Bruce the artist and he told me of the story of my painting, and there’s Duck, they are nice  blokes, they’re packing garlic in the sheds for Zoe and Ed. Cooled down again thats one good thing when it rains early evening,  get a good sleep as not hot. Its time to move on now, be good to get home for a rest.

IMG_9547 Goanna.