Day 45

Thursday 25th

Happy Birthday to my Grandson.

Got up really early packed lunch, water etc.. and headed off over towards Horseshoe Bay to do the Forts walk. It was a medium to hard grade walk so took our time, had lots of stops as we took many photos along the way, here are a few, far to many to pop on the web site. A lot of history with these Forts.

IMG_5239  What a great bonus, Mother KoalaIMG_5243  Another bonus, baby koalaIMG_5208  Ladders to reach the platform at the Fort.IMG_5173  View from the Fort. Horseshoe BayIMG_5172  Looking across to the 2nd Fort from the 1st Fort.IMG_5124  This doesn’t really show how steep, but it is a good climb.IMG_4998  Art work around the notices, Ants, thank goodness they are NOT that big, do wonder when they bite you. 🙂IMG_5011  Large rocks every where.IMG_5021  Steep descend and very wavy.IMG_5083 IMG_5112  Gun emplacementIMG_5119 View from 1st gun emplacement, Think this is Radical Bay.