Day 10

Thursday 21st
I slept well. Had breakfast, cleaned up and then went a walk.  Don and Jack are out canoeing. It is starting to rain. Using the generator  today no more sun by the looks. Saw the blue winged kookaburra this morning, very pretty. Does not laugh like the other one. When the rain eased up we went for a walk down to the Weir,  We all had tea and got settled into bed, be about 8.30 pm, Alice comes over asking for some tweezers,  Jack has a tick on his neck behind the ear. That was ok, then about 1/2 hour later Alice comes over to say Jack has had a reaction, lips swelling, rash and itching like mad, so off they went to Yipoon to hospital. Jack is ok, got a Tetanus jab and anti-histamine, slept it all off.
DSCF2971  Lovely big areas for campers to eat or entertain in.DSCF2961  Day area.DSCF2970  Toilet block, unisex, 4 and 1 wheelchair access toilet. Beautifully laid out.DSCF2955
  Was a very wet night but camper will dry out.