Day 9

Monday 14th April

Was drizzly in the morning, we went for a walk around the big hill here to see whats on the other side of the lake. Just a quiet day really,  No photo’s of this day.

Tuesday 15th April

Well I had read about a Blood Moon to be seen on the 15th at 3.07 am, so I got up and saw that the sky was clear, woke our friends to see if they wanted to photograph this amazing event, Chris got up, Kate looked outside and said nope to cold, so here we were waiting……..lovely moon, no red colour, so after some time we all went back to bed, certainly turned out to be wrong info that I had, we had a few laughs, but Kate had the best laugh, tucked up in bed.:)

IMG_9654  This was while we were waiting for the moon to move over where we could see it.IMG_9735  This is what came of this event, just an ordinary moon so I had to have some fun and presented it differently.IMG_9777

Here is a shot from south side of the lake looking over to Lonesome NP.