1st trip in retirement.

Saturday 1st February
We are off to Murrundi to do house and animal sitting for a week. Then tiki tour for the rest of February.
Left home at 10.20 am, had battery problems as we hooked up over night and the cub drained the car battery instead of using the 240 volts from power. I rang our friend to come and start us if he could, so that was awesome that he could. So grateful. Another lesson learnt on this new adventure way of life.
We got as far as Deep Water down in NSW and was getting late and I saw free caravan park, so that was where we stayed, 6 pm qld time. Set up the awning and went and ordered a meal, being free staying so how great was that. Least we could do was buy a meal to help them out.
Going to be a cold night and they had the fire going in the pub.
The pub was burnt down 2 year ago and new people from Sydney are giving it a go of getting things up and running again. All is operating out of a tin shed at the moment, the Cob & Co cafe is still in tact so that’s working as normal.
IMG_9069  This is called The Shed, which is operating as the Pub for now, Nice fire going and all. Lots of memorabilia in the place. IMG_9074  part of the old pub that was destroyed in the fire.IMG_9082 Another part of the pub that remains from the fire.