Lake Benmore and Benmore Dam.

Thursday 9th August.

The night was very cold, winds off Lake Ohau and very low cloud. Got up to a wee bit of blue sky and hope of some fine patches. Took some shots of the morning view and did a walk among the trees along the shore line, really pretty and peaceful. On my way back to camp the clouds started to open up and what a sight, white mountain tops and the blue of the lake, just amazing. We got cleaned up and headed off about 11 am. Heading up towards Lake Benmore and then around to the Dam. The canals along the way are a beautiful sight they are so big and the water is so turquoise.  We stayed at the Wild life reserve free camp. This is just outside of Benmore Dam in one of the arms of the river. Midges not to bad here, but still need the repellent. The weather has turned out not to bad, low cloud but sunshine, so how good is that.

Lake BenmoreReal pretty place Lake Benmore, picnic area’s and camping is allowed. Reflections were beautiful.  Such a quiet and peaceful place BUT the midges were BAD. :( drove us crazy even with repellent on.

Jetty at Lake Benmore

This is the Jetty at Lake Benmore.

Benmore Dam

Bemore Dam

This photo was taken from the bottom of the dam, really a lovely place to visit, lots of history here, my son and I have fished on the banks here before it was totally flooded back in 1987 and it was lovely then.

View from top of Benmore DamThis is the view from the top of Benmore Dam, it is huge.