Lake Tekapo.

Monday 6th August.

We had a fair bit to do and got away at lunch time. We headed down the coast road towards Temuka and turned onto Highway 8 for Tekapo. The weather is not great at the moment, cold, cloudy but meant to clear. Got some reasonable shots as we arrived into Tekapo of the Good Shepherd Church, then headed to book into the van park there, their prices have gone up, bit exe now at $40 plus $2 showers, bit steep really, but the park is nice, they have thermal hot pools at the end of the park in a new complex, hence the price increase I reckon. Well we got settled into the park, got some tea organised and the weather did start to clear. After tea we went out and checked the sky, ha-ha perfect for star trails, by this time it was 10.30 pm really cold, but had fun.

Got up at 6 am to see if a sunrise was possible and didn’t know what to expect, so we went out to Lillybank heading towards the ski fields and the moon was still in the sky as the twilight was in opposite direction, really beautiful. The sunrise was not fantastic but the prior was. Got back to van park about 10.30 am, had a feed then went out to Lake Alexandrina and Gregory. Got some shots out there, cloud starting to roll in and the rest of the day was foggy.

Snowing at Tekapo

Could not believe how beautiful cold could be, this is taken at the new look out at Tekapo on the main road.

Early Morning Tekapo

Went out to Lillybank road on the way to ski fields and it was pre dawn, time was about 5.45 am, as the sun does not rise until 7.45 am and it had to come up over the mountains to where we were.  Frost on the ground and very cold but no wind as yet.

Lake Tekapo from Lillybank Road

Good Shepherd Church in snow, Tekapo

Good shepherd Church in snow, always wanted to get a photo of this in snow. Magic, while it’s snowing didn’t feel that cold until we got a bit wet.