Tekapo Area

Saturday 7th June

We were up at 6 am for breakfast ready to go up to Lillydale Road to get early morning light on the alps. This is across the other side of Lake Tekapo. We were dressed in our snow gear, looked like we were heading to mars, but we kept warm and kept that cold wind out.

Early Morning Tekapo This is what we were rushing to get, so beautiful, frost on the ground and a slight breeze which is making it real cold. It was great to get the moon in as the first light hits the Alps. We stayed taking photos until the light had become to much and then went around to Mt Johns Conservatory, up there you get a 360 view and when it’s  cold like this is best as the air is clear, magnificent sight. From here we went around to see Lake Alexandrena and Lake Gregory, these area are close by and very beautiful, there is good camping there, bird life is good as well. Mountains all around you.


This is Lake Gregory. View from Mt John View from Mt John looking down at Tekapo.

Frozen puddle. This was a frozen puddle down at the lakes this morning. Neat patterns.