Through the Lindus Pass

Thursday 5th June

Ice and frost on the ground, it’s 11.20 am bitterly cold but the sun is shinning. Snow on most of the tops going through the Lindus Pass, this is amazing country side, big rolling hills, very little vegetation as its always cold and wind swept be hard for any thing to grow, but in saying that, the flowers on the side of the road are incredible at the right time of year. Beautiful colours. All the puddles have thick ice on them, in the shade the wind is nasty. I never tire of this drive each time there is a new beauty that I didn’t see before. We are heading for Omarama, called into see the Clay Cliffs, lighting is the wrong time of day, it has already gone over the horizon so the cliffs are in shadow, but at least we got to see them. Managed some photo’s.

Leaves in ice Autumn leaves in the ice puddles.Lindus Pass This is the Lindus Pass.

Clay Cliffs Clay Cliffs.