Lake Matheson

Sunday 1st June

The weather has turned wet and very cold, very low cloud so not much visibility. We spent the day catching up with other family members, people coming and going all day, perfect weather for just catching up. We got to bed at 9 pm, earliest in 3 days. A wonderful day.

Monday 2nd June

Queens birthday weekend in NZ today, looks like a fine day and we are heading off to Lake Matheson down the west coast, also looking in at the glaciers. When we got to Lake Matheson we did the walk right around as needed to find the best spot for early morning shots of the Mt Cook and Mt Tasman, if the clouds are king to us. The walk was 1 1/2 hours very pretty in the bush and the sounds of the birds.

Lake Matheson Beech ForestTuesday 3rd June

This is the track into the area we wanted to go, but we did it in the dark at 6 am, I had forgotten that the sun rose much later in NZ winter, we were up at 4 am cooking breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs and toast as I knew it was going to be some time before we got back to the camper and in the cold you need heaps of fuel for the body to last the distance.  It took us 45 min to do the walk in the dark, it was very steep tracks in places and in the bush area’s was slippery and finally we got to Reflection Island and waited patiently.


This is what all the fuss was for, one is pretty lucky to get the clouds to move away and you need to be quick about it to capture the mountain. This is Mt Cook, Mt Tasman is in cloud to the right.

Farm on the flats

This is the view we had on the return from our morning shoot. Fog as the sun tried to shine through the clouds, it was extremely cold at first light this morning but no wind so that was helpful.