Sunday 12th Geeveston

Cold but sunny day. Went for a big drive to Huon Port, Lookout and just took in the scenic spots. Some images from the Hartz Mountain National Park.

 Camping at the sports ground at Geeveston. Bad weather is coming.  Myrtle Tree. Heading up to Hartz N.P.  This is worth the read.  From the lookout going up to Hartz Mountain.   Lichen.  Weather closing in. Hartz N.P. It has it’s own beauty.  Arve Waterfall, Hartz N.P.  Arve Waterfall, Hartz N.P.  Huon River, to the right is the Oyster beds.  Just a beautiful Gum tree.  Houn Port down there.  Looking down onto Geeveston from the big hill. You can see It was raining so had to move.   Beautiful Huon Valley.  Boat on the Huon River.

Monday 6th Feb. Travelling to Cockle Creek.

Was a wet night so let the canvas dry before leaving and 3 Kookaburras were sitting laughing. Travelled to Oatlands and camped the night. Nice sunset, very cool and foggy later in the evening.

 This has been our camped site for 5 nights at Dora Point.  Coloured sand stones.  Oatlands Windmill, still working for flour milling, this is where I buy my Spelt Flour and rolled oats.  Nice big freedom camping area here.

Halls Point Day 2

Nice warm night and no wind. 🙂 All the campers from yesterday have moved on and we have one new camper, so nice and quiet. Did a walk to the corner store, made yoghurt and Bliss balls so been busy.

 Blue Fairy Wren.  This family are taking the horses down to the beach for exercise so I tagged along and asked about photographing the kids, no problems.   Note the man has his dog on a leash, I’m really hot on this subject. Well done.  Camp spot.

Halls Point.

Left Forth by 10 am and went directly to Penguin, approximately 11 km. went to IGA and then out to Halls Point couple of clicks out to camp for 48 hours. Lovely spot for freedom camping with new toilet blocks just down by the Community hall. It is a Penguin Colony so its very special, got to see the penguins again here. Wish the locals would respect the fact that it is a protected area and keep their dogs on a leash.

 The bay looking out from my backyard camping.  These rocks have quiet a story I’ve been told, ancient, scientist come from all over the world and test many rock area’s in Tasmania as its been found that there are many that are the same as in Canada, Nova Scotia.  Another view.  Mum and bub in their burrow. I used long lens so as not to disturb them.

Murrindindi Day 2

Well it rained all night, its cool and still raining. Get some inside jobs done. Had a break in the weather so grabbed Dons army coat and went for a walk, then saw the very black clouds coming so walked a wee bit faster back. Did a big cook up in the Thermal pot. Very cold and miserable.

 Fairy Wren Eastern Yellow Robin  Don’t know this one  Crimson Rosella, I stalked it for ages to get close enough. Its eating thistle flowers.  The river, you can see trees that have fallen.  Very fast flowing and very cold.  Bush wren or fantail, not sure.  Female fairy wrenEastern Yellow Robin

Murrindindi State Forest.

Up and away by 9 am and 14 degrees. Got to Yea and headed for King Parrot Creek, neither of us liked it so went back to Yea to the info centre. They were very helpful and suggested Murrindindi State Forest, so we got there and its lovely, we took the Water Gauge camp area. Lovely big sites, dug in and concreted fire pits, very safe. This whole area was burnt out 8 years ago. Can still see the devastation.

 You can see the rows of bush between us and the next site, real private.

James Camping Reserve, Benalla.

We got away early as its a big day, heading for Casey’s Weir, about 10 km out of Benalla. Well when we got there decided no, not for us was disappointing but you just know. So we hit the road and looked up plan B which was James Camping Reserve. You are allowed to camp along the river in town at Benalla. Mozzies are bad.

 Lovely wee creek and we did cool off in it, was very cold.  The babbling brook is just over the bank, I could here it at night.

Police Paddock Day 2

Woke to a lovely sunny day, river is so deep off the banks and so swift we cant even go in to cool off, checked the banks for entry but no luck. Thank goodness for trees and there’s plenty of them.

 Using the car awning for quick stop overs.  Got a top spot.  The rubbish on the fence is from the last floods a year ago.  Little fairy wren tweeting all around me while have morning tea.  These birds have me stumped, what are they? They look like Crows, act like Apostles, but the red eye is different.