Thursday 5th October

Here are some photos taken over a few days at camp.

 Mum and bub, night shot.  camping area at Bonadio’s.  Toilet block  Camp kitchen  BBQ area and pit fire.


Tuesday 3rd October

Some photos of the park at Millaa Millaa. Lots of room and tucked into the rainforest. Went and did some more waterfalls. Temperatures are really lovely up here, so much cooler, everything is green but the air is very hazy.

 Camp kitchen  Millaa Millaa Falls  Elligh Falls on the Thoresa Creek, very steep down but worth it. Ellingha Falls.

Thursday 9th March

We left for Brady’s Lake and got the private spot from last time, awesome. Staying for a couple of nights here. Lots of cloud cover and meant to rain over weekend. Need a couple of days rest. 25 deg today. Here’s a few photos of the camp before we left Zeehan Bush Camp.

 Inside camp kitchen, great set up.  Some of the erosion around Queenstown from the mining from 60 years ago.  Fires damage from 2016, new growth is starting.  This manicured home is at Brady’s Lake. So beautiful.  Brady’s Lake.  Our camp spot, Brady’s Lake.  View from camp site.

Sun setting looking East.

Wednesday 8th March.

Up early and did my Tai Chi out in the sun. Did a big cook up. Had a good look around Zeeham and area, great wee place. Lovely people we met last night. Some of the things to check out are the Spray Tunnel, Museum, Rock Gem shop. Interesting, the toilets in the bush camp were wallpapered with old news papers from 1904, made for good reading while sitting. 🙂

 Looking into the town from a higher street.  Main street.  Serpentine Stitchtite. Museum relics from mining days. Spray Tunnel. often there are glow worms but not today. This was all chiseled out by hand.

Tuesday 28th February to Wednesday 1st March.

On Tuesday, had a good clean out of the camper, also chattered with our new neighbours, great people. On the Wednesday we are heading off to Hamilton on the Lyell Highway, looking at points of interest along the way. Weather beautiful, in shorts again 🙂

 Very cool and lots of due this morning.  Another causeway on lake Arthur.  country scenery.  Nant Distillery. Whiskey makers.  Coming down into Hamilton.

Sunday 26th Febraury

Early start to the day, long drive, heading up to the Great Lakes District. Stocked up with tinned and groceries at Deloraine, Cheese and milk at Ashgroves, Raspberries at Christmas Hills and off we go. 🙂 Not a lot of photos due to no visibility most of the trip.

 A lookout on the great lakes road. Bluff forest tiers. Weather very overcast, low cloud cover.  Lake Arthur.  Country cottage, seen better days, up a side road. Ended up at Cowpaddock, awesome spot.