Halls Point.

Left Forth by 10 am and went directly to Penguin, approximately 11 km. went to IGA and then out to Halls Point couple of clicks out to camp for 48 hours. Lovely spot for freedom camping with new toilet blocks just down by the Community hall. It is a Penguin Colony so its very special, got to see the penguins again here. Wish the locals would respect the fact that it is a protected area and keep their dogs on a leash.

 The bay looking out from my backyard camping.  These rocks have quiet a story I’ve been told, ancient, scientist come from all over the world and test many rock area’s in Tasmania as its been found that there are many that are the same as in Canada, Nova Scotia.  Another view.  Mum and bub in their burrow. I used long lens so as not to disturb them.