Day 16

Sunday 4th, 

Well I got up this morning and went to loo and it needed emptying,  so nice job for Don before breakfast. 😦  Had breakfast after I did my Tai Chi as I don’t walk on a Sunday. Had a early morning swim.  Then I noticed a cicada on Dons coat, they have been leaving their shells everywhere but this one was in metamorphosis.  So we set up our cameras and sat for one and a half hours taking shots of changes as they happened, it was very interesting and amazing. Then in the blink of an eye looked up and its gone. Had another swim then got ready to go down to the rocks at the beginning of the hill. Beautiful spot, be great camping there. Another option. The young couple that stayed last night gave us a toot as they left. After they’d gone I had a  dip, so nice. Stand in the sun and dry off. Had wraps for lunch,  downloaded photos. Flies are really bad today.  Brothers are back, going up to the shed at Zo and Eds doing garlic. Going to the platypus again tonight at 5 pm. Didn’t see the platypus but did get shots of the kingfisher. Beautiful full moon and reflection on river. Got a fire tonight,  Don is enjoying a port out there so I’m finishing the days diary and to bed I go.

IMG_9326  Down at the bend.IMG_9272  This calf was having to eat on the run, mum wouldn’t stop, it was hanging on.IMG_9262  Finished its metamorphosis. We watched it dry out and and then it was gone.DSCF3936  Both wings now fully opened.DSCF3927  Straightening out the wings.DSCF3922  Out of its shell.DSCF3907  Coming out of the shell.DSCF3897
 Cicada ready to start metamorphosis,