Day 22

28th April Monday

Last night was awesome, clouds rolled in and we sat by the lake watching a lightning show across the lake, we got no rain but further down to the east they did. Had breaky by the fire and at the moment it is fine weather. We got cleaned up and headed off to Swinging Bridge, Cooyar to stay the night on our way home, but we had a lot of rain traveling there. We had lunch at the general store, asked about their weather and she said we are going to cop it, so in spite of a lovely camping spot we ate and left, figured as we are so close to home, will not stay. Got home late.

It is nice to get home and we are both really tired so will take a few days to unpack, clean everything up and pop it back for the next trip. 🙂  can’t wait.

IMG_0648  Beautiful sky this morning before dawnIMG_0664  Sun rising over lake BroadwaterIMG_0668  Reflection of the sun on gum treesIMG_0705  Little WrenIMG_0726 Blue faced honey eater