A Great day had by all.

Saturday 9th October

The 80th birthday went wonderful and the birthday lady had a lovely family time and saw many friends pop in. Plenty of food as every one popped in with a wee treat. Cake was amazing as it was the bottom layer of one of the Grandchildren’s wedding cake. It was a wet day with a snowy bite to it but that didn’t matter, got some lovely photo’s as well.

Sunday 10th October

A friend and I went for a drive out to Atiamuri and saw all the road works happening, plus fixing the bridge that goes over the Waikato River there, went and checked out my old school and the village where I lived some 60 years ago, a few remains and an old chimney etc that’s about it. From here we went to Ohakuri Dam, the flood gates were open, what a great sight.We had lunch at one of the reserves that use to be very popular but gone to ruins now.Pohutaroa, Atiamuri. Pohutoroa in the background, It’s a mighty hill to climb and amazing view if you make it. This is the stretch of road between Whakamaru and the main highway at Atiamuri. Over the next few days us girls went tiki touring and all went and shouted ourselves a Aix massage at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Rotorura, it’s the best. They use natural mineral waters pouring over your body while having a massage, very therapeutic for sore muscles.