Wednesday 6th October

Cloudy but fine so heading to Taupo, I have friends down there and just nice to see the Lake and Mountains if no cloud is covering them. We did the walk around town bit and loved watching the Tui’s (bird) in the Kowhai trees. The lake was calm and we decided to go for a boat trip out on the lake, took us around to see Maori carvings, in the rock face, absolutely beautifully done and so huge, how on earth the carver got up so high and all there is, is water, so must of ab-sailed down.

Kowhai Tree, Flower. Kowhai flower, these a really beautiful when the tree is out in full bloom, they use to make a perfume from these flowers but got to expensive apparently. Had a lovely trip back to Tokoroa, was nice spending time with my friend as well.